This list includes only those former Georgia high school players who have appeared in at least one NFL game.
Name School Position Years in NFL Pro Team(s)
Adams, Brent Elbert County T 1975-77 Atlanta Falcons
Adams, Darvin Harrison WR 2011 Carolina Panthers
Adams, Julius Ballard-Hudson DL 1971-87 New England Patriots
Adams, Keith Westlake LB 2001-07 Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns
Adams, Tyrell Mays LB 2016 Oakland
Adamson, Ken Marist G 1960-1962 Denver Broncos
Alexander, Vadal Buford OG 2016 Oakland Raiders
Alford, Mario Greenville WR 2015 Cincinnati
Allen, Asher Tucker CB 2009-2011 Minnesota Vikings
Allen, Ian Westlake T 2002-2005 New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals
Allen, Terry Banks County RB 1991-2001 Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens
Anderson, Eddie Warner Robins S 1986-97 Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Raiders, Oakland Raiders
Anderson, Henry Woodward Academy DE 2015-16 Indianapolis Colts
Anderson, Rickey Camden County RB 1978 San Diego Chargers
Anderson, Taz Savannah FB/TE 1961-64, 1966-67 St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons
Andrews, David Wesleyan OC 2015-16 New England Patriots
Andrews, William Thomasville RB 1979-83, 1986 Atlanta Falcons
Arnold, Jim Dalton P 1983-94 Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins
Atkins, Bob Price DB/WR 1968-76 St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Oilers
Atkinson, George 'Butch' Johnson (Savannah) DB 1968-79 Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos
Austin, Cliff Avondale RB 1983-87 New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Austin, Reggie Harper CB 2001-02 Chicago Bears
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