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North Springs - 1969  State Champion GHSA  AA

Date: Dec. 13, 1969
Site: Thermopylae Stadium (North Springs)
Coaches: Leonard Jones (North Springs) and Bobby Gruhn (Gainesville)


North Springs got two Jimmy Gregory touchdowns within two minutes late in the fourth to come from behind. Gainesville scored early in the fourth to break a 14-14 tie. Gregory had four touchdowns in the game.

AA NORTH SPRINGS (12-0-1) Coach: Leonard Jones; key players: Jim Gregory QB, Dennis Whitt TB (205 lbs, Class AA Back of the Year), Frank Schwahn FB,
Sept. 12 Roswell 26-25 W A not ranked, Gainesville #1, Gregory 157 yds 3 TD
Sept. 20 Northside 35-35 T Grady Gregory 3 TDs, Northside 2-pt PAT at end to tie
Sept. 26 Dykes 27-21 W H Whitt 161 on 36 carries, Gregory 119 on 13
Oct. 3 Wills 28-6 W A team to #3, Thomasville is #1
Oct. 10 Sandy Springs 13-7 W H Whitt 135 on 29 carries
Oct. 18 Marist 18-14 W Whitt 151 yards, Gregory 3 TDs
Oct. 24 St. Pius 27-0 W at Joe Bean, Whitt 131 on 32 attempts and 2 TDs
Oct. 31 Cedartown 36-13 W H Whitt 142 on 21, Gregory 3 TDs, to #2
Nov. 7 Wheeler 34-16 W H
Nov. 14 Campbell Smyrna 35-7 W clinch 3-AA, Whitt 151 on 35 with 2 TDs
Nov. 28 Westminster 35-7 W H
Dec. 6 Thomasville 21-20 W A T scored on last play and went for two
Dec. 13 Gainesville 28-21 W H Gregory 4 TDs

AJC AA All-State: Dennis Whitt (North Springs Back of the Year), Mark Smith (Thomasville E, Lineman of the Year), Richard Harris (Burney-Harris E), David Watkins (West Rome E), Tommy Thomas (Russell E), Tom Caruso (St. Pius T), Mike Bass (Lakeshore T), Ric Reider (Westminster T), Richard Baley (Marist T), Rommy Johnson (Appling Co. G), James Stephens (Cass G), John Strickland (Lakeshore G), Phillip Johns (LaGrange G), Mike McDermott (St. Pius C), Snip Horne (Campbell-Smyrna C), Dallas Norman (Thomasville QB), Claude Williamson (Carver QB), Jimmy Linderman (Chattooga HB), Paul Carreathers (Lafayette HB), Doyle Orange (Waycross HB, 2289 yards, 152 points), Mark Callis (Hart County HB), Larry Dyer (Gainesville FB), Dennis Whitt (North Springs FB, Back of Year)

1. North Springs 12-0-1
Thomasville 11-2 (would have beaten North Springs on tie-breakers with a kicked PAT and didnt know it)
Gainesville 11-3 (beat Baldwin Co. 34-12 at Baldwin for 8-AA, beat Lafayette, beat Fulton 34-7 at Grady)
4. Lakeshore
10-1-1 (beat Headland 53-6 at Tara on Nov. 21 for 2-AA, lost at Thomasville 35-0)
Lafayette 11-1 (beat East Rome 41-7 at home for 7-AA, lost to Gainesville 14-6 at home)
Fulton 10-3 (beat Murphy 23-6 at Grady on Nov. 28, lost to Gainesville in semi on Dec. 5)
7. Murphy
8. LaGrange 8-2
Waycross 8-2
10. Westminster 7-3-1

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